The Note Store Buyer Referral Program:

Earn 15% commission on EVERY Note "your" buyer purchases: Here are some details

*) Who is eligible? Any one is eligible for our program.

*) Who are the buyers you are looking for, and what buyers are not eligible for referral? When we say we are looking for "principal buyers" we are looking for the single person who will be purchasing the note for investment. This means an individual buyer, who is not a professional seller or broker, etc. Therefore at this time, we cannot accept as buyers within this program, companies that advertise that they purchase notes.

*) If we can't refer companies or note professionals, then who can we refer? We are looking for investors who figure out that buying notes can be an effective part of their investment porfolio. These could be indivuals such as business people, Doctors, Lawyers, retirees, etc. Once you find these people, you may even be educating them as to how buying a note works.

*) What are good ways to find these potential buyers? There are many ways in which to find these investors. One way would be putting in classified ads in your area, such as on Craigslist, or other online classified ads. Or sending out postcards to affluent neighborhoods in your area.

*) Are their any catches? Well, besides the fact that you can't refer professional note buyers, the only other "catch" is that there is a cap of $10,000.00 per note of what you can earn on one deal. (This isn't per year or any cap like that, just on each deal). This is only because if your buyer purchases a huge portfolio of notes in one deal, the commission would be totally different then a regular one note buy. It is highly unlikely that this would happen, however we do need to put that safeguard in there for us.

*)Do you have any examples of ads we can use to find buyers? Yes, click link below:

Ad Examples

*) How does it work, what are the steps? 1) Advertise for investors. 2) Contact investor by phone and explain how an investment in notes works, and that you work with a company that has high yield notes available for sale. 3) Give us the investors information, by filling out the buyers worksheet (link below) and let the investor know they will be called from the company. 4) We will contact the buyer and get them to fill out a suitability form. 5) If the buyer qualifies, and you are the first to register that potential buyer, you will now "own" the rights to that buyer. We will put the buyer in our database, and for every Note the buyer purchases, you will receive a 15% payment on the commision amount of the note FOR EVERY NOTE that the buyer purchases, whether that is tomorrow, or next week, or next year, or the next several years! You get paid every time, just for bringing the buyer in once! You can potentially earn residual income just by bringing us a few qualified buyers.

Link to signup sheet:


If you have any questions or comments or feedback of any kind, please send us an email. (See our contact us page).

You can also sign up for our Newsletter, to be the first to be notified of new 1st Trust Deed Note listings for sale!

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